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Independent Vetcare To Host Referral CPD Stream At London Vet Show

With just a few weeks to go until London Vet Show opens its doors at ExCel London, the finishing touches will be made to many a lecturer’s presentation, including those of 8 referral vets from practices within the Independent Vetcare group.

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Increased Cover

Pet owners in The Netherlands want their animals to receive treatment that’s on par with what a human member of the family might receive.

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Spreading Knowledge

The number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is on the rise while, at the same time, new forms of antibiotic to treat so-called superbugs are coming to market less and less frequently.

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Work From A Fresh Perspective

When an owner spots something about their pet that worries them, they seek the timely advice of a local vet.

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Building Business Expertise

By the time you’ve read two or three articles on this site, it will be clear that Evidensia and IVC staff are passionate about many things – their company culture, their own practices and of course, the welfare of their animal patients.

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A Better View

Computer tomography scanners, more commonly known as CT scanners, use X-rays to record multiple ‘slices’ through bodies that are then built up by computer processing into 3D images that can be rotated on a screen to be viewed from different angles.

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Seeing The Unseeable

Across all of Germany, only the University of Giessen and Evidensia’s Tier√§rztliche Klinik Norderstedt are approved to perform clinical procedures using radioactive pharmaceuticals.

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Thinking Big, Acting Locally

The nature of working life is changing. Where most of us used to work in top-down, hierarchical organisations, new business models emphasise autonomy, local decision-making and flexibility.

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Stepping Up To Management

“There is little training at UK veterinary schools in business and development, and IVC clearly knows this. That’s why they offer lots of support to help vets thrive in these areas."

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