Ethical Statement

The IVC Evidensia Ethical Statement outlines the values and responsibilities of our group. It considers our patients, their owners, our staff and colleagues, as well as public health and global sustainability.

These guidelines direct our everyday work as well as policy decision processes and apply to all activities within the company, extending beyond clinical practice. This is not a complete list, rather a template to guide our ideals.

For IVC Evidensia, to be a responsible company means to behave ethically in all aspects of our business and to care for the environment. We must set good examples in the way we act towards each other as employees and the way we treat our business partners, always respecting laws and regulations in the countries we do business.

This Ethical Statement has been adopted by the Board and responsibility for compliance rests with all of us. This is how we earn the trust that forms the basis for our business.

The animal patient – Animal welfare

We will:

Design, implement and regularly review systems that promote the welfare of animals in our care, adhering to all relevant national legislation. Protect the basic needs of our patients, at all times preventing suffering through attention to nutrition, pain management and the environment within which we practice. Respect the integrity of our patients, treating them gently with empathy and care, only performing examinations and treatments that are medically and ethically justified. Maintain an open and realistic expectation of prognosis, ensuring at all times, that our recommendations improve or protect quality of life. Where quality of life is threatened and treatment challenging, always consider euthanasia as a viable option. Work actively towards disease prevention with attention to local disease risk and sensible preventative healthcare. Encourage responsible breeding through dialogue and engagement.

We will:

Ensure that a thorough examination and diagnostic process are the basis for any plan, only beginning treatment, having obtained sufficient knowledge of an animal. Only use or recommend treatment methods based on science or substantiated experience, including justified administration and prescription of medicines. 

Show engagement and entrepreneurship through Continuous Professional Development, at all times remaining abreast of evolving evidence within our fields. Only offer services and methods based on competency, training, experience, and resources. Be open about our limitations, seeking guidance in challenging situations and making referral available where this in in the interests of the patient. Design, implement and regularly review systems that promote quality of care and patient safety, as well as infection prevention and control. 

Engage with owners and through education, ensure they are willing, equipped and able to provide for their animals at home. Respect and adhere to laws, regulations and any mandatory codes dictated by a national professional body.

The client

We will:

Treat our clients with care, respect, and empathy. Provide appropriate, well maintained and accessible facilities. Provide exceptional and prompt customer service, including, but not limited to: Clear dialogue, information and guidance throughout the customer journey. Openness about expected costs and prognosis before treatment. Openness around treatment outcomes including potential risks, always obtaining appropriate informed consent. Confidentiality around personal information. Provide access to care 24-hours-a-day, within our clinics or through an appropriate service provider.


We will:

Provide a safe, happy and secure work environment where we treat all our people with care, respect, empathy and kindness. Be flexible to account for personal needs, through dialogue between employee and leader Strive to provide equal opportunities for everyone. Show entrepreneurship, openness and engagement by designing, implementing and regularly reviewing systems to promote the well-being of our people.


We will:

Treat colleagues with respect and empathy, recognising their professional integrity and work in partnership to ensure the best outcome for our patients. Provide learning opportunities within practice where less experienced colleagues are mentored and supported. Design and implement reporting systems to ensure referring clinicians are aware of treatment outcomes and plans. Provide open and constructive feedback to referring clinicians without being unnecessarily critical. Responsibly address breaches of academic, ethical or collegial standards.

The public, society and the environment

We will:

Engage with processes that reduce the occurrence of infectious animal diseases and zoonoses (diseases that can be passed from animals to humans). Contribute to the global reduction in antimicrobial resistance through strategic and rational use of antimicrobials, becoming entrepreneurs in a pan-European strategy. Show respect to future generations by minimising the impact our business has on the environment, developing relationships with suppliers who share this ideal. Never allow our business to engage with corruption or bribery.

We are building the world’s best veterinary group.

Group Veterinary Medical Board, January 2020