IVC Evidensia Arrives In Portugal

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

IVC Evidensia continues to grow in the Iberian Peninsula with Bom Jesus Veterinary Hospital and VetOeiras Hospital in Portugal joining the Group.

IVC Evidensia Portugal
Located in the city of Braga, Bom Jesus Veterinary Hospital stands out for its continued dedication to providing excellent healthcare to the most critically ill patients. The Bom Jesus Veterinary Hospital emerged from the natural growth of several veterinary clinics in the area, all sharing the same mission in the service they provide.

The Amares Veterinary Clinic, Vila Verde Veterinary Center and the Palmeira Veterinary Center merged in 2018, leading to the creation of the Bom Jesus Veterinary Hospital. Spanning 500m2 and offering services including 24-hour emergency, intensive care, diagnostic imaging with ultrasound, radiology and state-of-the-art tomography, the hospital employs some of the most nationally recognised animal health professionals, quickly becoming a beacon of veterinary care in the region.

Clinical Director of the Hospital, João Araujo, graduated from UTAD in 2006 and post-graduated from the U. Lusíada in Imaging in 2008 and is the current vice president of the European Society of Urgent Care and Intensive Care (EVECCS), his main area of ​​interest. He is also a consultant of the Animal Blood Bank in its international expansion and is a trainer of basic ECC courses being certified by Recover in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. He has been leading the Bom Jesus Veterinary Hospital for three years.

Clinical director of the Vila Verde Veterinary Center since 2013, Catarina Duarte, graduated from UTAD in 2004 and obtained her Master's degree in 2012 with the topic of Heartworm in Companion Animals from the same institution. She worked in Industria from 2009 to 2013, when she embraced the project of the Veterinary Center of Vila Verde, with special dedication in the areas of Dermatology, Internal Medicine and Management.

Clinical Director of Clínica Veterinária de Amares and Centro Veterinário de Palmeira since 2007, Fernando Costa Silva, graduated from ICBAS and dedicates special attention to the area of ​​soft tissue surgery, participating in the ESAVS Certificate in Small Animal Veterinary Practice / Soft Tissue Surgery, among others, and advanced surgical training courses. Still placed at the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS), he started in 2009, by participating in the Internal Medicine & Emergency/Critical care course. He diversified his training to endoscopy as a student of the paediatric endoscopy course at the University of Minho and has since completed additional training in the areas of endoscopy and laparoscopy. He is also a regular presence at the Bom Jesus Veterinary Hospital.

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Continuing the growth of IVC Evidensia in Portugal, VetOeiras, located in the western area of Lisbon, joins the Group. VetOeiras Veterinary Hospital is a highly regarded hospital not only in the Lisbon region, but also at a national level as a centre of excellence.

The hospital is extensively equipped with state-of-the-art anaesthesia and monitoring devices, fluoroscope, endoscopy and arthroscopy facilities, surgical microscope, phacoemulsification technology (cataract surgery), digital x-ray, computerized axial tomography, a physiotherapy room with water treadmill, laser equipment, ultrasound and electro-stimulation.

The team of professionals are dedicated to continuous learning and training, facilitating leading health and well-being care for animals, including the most recent techniques in their fields. VetOeiras is a ‘cat friendly’ hospital with separate waiting and inpatient rooms for dogs and cats, ensuring their comfort at all times during their visit.

The orthopedic service at the hospital is regarded as one of the highest quality in Europe, receiving numerous accolades. The ophthalmology service is led by Dr. Cristina Seruca, the only certified veterinarian specialising in this area in Portugal. Dr. Rui Ferreira de Almeida, clinical director of VetOeiras, is a leader in the areas of dermatology, soft tissue surgery and internal medicine, and leads the hospital team.

Dr. Luis Chambel, a recognised professional in the field of orthopedics, has a special interest in orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery and soft tissue surgery, and is the leading surgeon in Portugal of hip replacements in dogs.

We warmly welcome both hospitals to the Group and wish their continued success in the future.