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IVC Evidensia

Building the world's best veterinary group

We are a global leader in veterinary care, investing in our people, premises and processes to deliver outstanding care in around 2,500 locations across 20 countries.
Dog being examined at the veterinarian

Our mission is bringing people together to make animal care better

We believe the best veterinary practices are those led by local teams, which is why we are pioneers in developing our people by investing in continuous professional development through education, defining best clinical standards and expanding our celebrated IVC Evidensia and Graduate academies.

Advised by our Clinical Boards, we ensure the best treatments, equipment, facilities and medications are available to our clinicians, backed up by expert advice and support.

Spanning an extensive network of first opinion, referral and out-of-hours clinics and hospitals, our teams deliver the highest quality pet care possible.

Our purpose is simple – healthy animals and happy owners.
We are IVC Evidensia.

We are united by our unique values

At IVC Evidensia we share a common vision, mission, customer promise, purpose and group strategy across all of our clinics and hospitals.

We care
We care for animals and people, keep our promises, treat each other with decency and respect.
We dare
We dare to innovate, encourage entrepreneurial thinking and identify opportunities to succeed in a changing world.
We share
We share knowledge, best practice and make decisions based on trust, dialogue, commitment and engagement.

Our whole business is built around six key principles

We are the leading global veterinary group because we offer vets and nurses a better way of working and a brighter future.

Belief in people

The success of a practice is down to the individuals that work there. That’s why we invest in continuous professional development for all IVC Evidensia staff. 

Investment in your practice

We invest our money in refurbishments, facilities, equipment and technology so that you can provide the best possible care for our patients. 

Exceptional care

We know your primary concern is delivering the best possible care. That’s why IVC Evidensia practices always put their patients first.

Clinically led practices

We believe that the best practices are led by our vets and we want it to stay that way. That’s why we place so much emphasis on our clinical boards. 

An independent spirit

Your clinic is the heart of your community and we want to stay that way. We always keep the spirit of the original practice intact. 

Sharing expertise

We’re incredibly proud of the depth of talent among our referral clinicians, as well as their state-of-the-art facilities.

Ethical Statement

The IVC Evidensia Ethical Statement outlines the values and responsibilities of our group. It considers our patients, their owners, our staff and colleagues, as well as public health and global sustainability.

These guidelines direct our everyday work as well as policy decision processes and apply to all activities within the company, extending beyond clinical practice. This is not a complete list, rather a template to guide our ideals.

Veterinarians examining dog

Meet the team

One of our greatest advantages is that we draw on the extensive experiences of a leadership team of talented people who inspire IVC Evidensia to ask questions, improve processes and discover new opportunities.

This shared ambition combined with our incredible network ensures that we work hard to maintain IVC Evidensia at the forefront of modern veterinary care.