IVC Evidensia Referrals

Working together with our vast network of first opinion sites, we deliver exceptional veterinary care by ensuring that our extensive range of referral services supports the delivery of the most appropriate level of treatment to our patients.

In a fast-growing business our referral network ensures that people, technology and training work harmoniously to offer pet owners access to the best care available. By connecting vets with colleagues, we also ultimately connect owners with the teams that have advanced expertise and facilities to help their pets.

The referral network reflects the day-to-day requirements of working professionals with the overall aim being to facilitate consistently excellent animal care while developing strong relationships with owners and referring vets. Search or filter to find our referral services, where our growing network of practices and clinicians support referring vets and their clients to achieve the best outcomes: for our professionals, our clients and, of course, the pets and animals who are at the heart of everything we do.

By increasingly engaging and utilising the expertise and insights of colleagues across Europe, we are providing the leading referral network within veterinary care.

We call this exceptional veterinary care.

Man using the IVC Evidensia referral guide

Referral Guide

The IVC Evidensia Referral Guide  promotes and supports the delivery of referral and specialist care to our patients.

Are you a veterinarian needing to make a referral to a veterinary clinic or animal hospital? Use our referral search portal to find a clinic near you that can provide specialist expertise for your patients.

Referral careers

We are constantly searching for the best veterinary specialists and surgeons from Europe and around the world so click here to browse currently available positions.

Open applications are always welcome so please email Jay Hamill to explore your options in joining Europe’s leading veterinary care provider.

Jay Hamill

Talent Business Manager – Referral & First Opinion


Residents are the next generation of veterinary specialists, so we have built a culture of nurturing talent and implementing a placements programme to ensure that residents are able to seamlessly continue their careers within IVC Evidensia.

Amanda Boag

Amanda Boag

MA VetMB DECVECC DACVECC DACVIM FHEA MRCVS Group Chief Medical Officer and Referrals Director

“With over 80 referral sites, clinics and hospitals across Europe providing the highest quality specialist care and advanced equipment, we are continuing to build the largest and most extensive referral services network in Europe.

The IVC Evidensia network of referrals offers unrivalled career possibilities within not only specialist care but also emergency and critical care with Vets Now playing a key part of our group.”

Explore more about how we work

We are creating a workplace where we focus on innovation, engagement and teamwork.

Clinical excellence

Healthy pets and happy owners

We bring people together to make animal care better. We ensure local teams are empowered to reach their potential through continual investment in our people, our premises and the equipment needed to build the world’s best veterinary group.

Medical Board

The Group Veterinary Medical Board – GVMB

A joint veterinary perspective – IVC Evidensia’s veterinary medical board meets with the heads of clinical boards and medical directors from other countries to discuss and agree on quality systems, ethical and clinical policies.


Clinical work requires excellent hygiene standards

To ensure a consistently high level across our group, we are following IVC Evidensia hygiene guidelines which improve the hygiene and infection prevention work in everyday practice.


“Like humans, our pets are what they eat”

Feeding your pet a wholesome, high-quality diet is an essential aspect of preventative healthcare and increases their chance of living a longer, healthier life.


The Positive Pawprint strategy

At IVC Evidensia we care every day - for animals, our clients, our colleagues, and for a better environment. We believe a sustainable approach to what we do is who we are.