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IVC Evidensia Academy - the home of learning and development

The IVC Evidensia Academy is our learning platform designed to create learning opportunities in all steps of our staff’s individual career paths.

About the IVC Evidensia Academy

The IVC Evidensia Academy is a valuable resource where our employees turn to grow and develop their skills and knowledge. It allows each staff member to choose their own career path. Whether you are looking for clinical or non-clinical, practical or lecture-based learning, the IVC Evidensia Academy is here for you!

IVC Evidensia Academy courses and programmes are primarily targeted at all members of the Practice Team wanting to develop their skills within chosen fields. 

Our courses and training programmes are arranged across a range of European countries and include several international programmes, including the IVC Evidensia Graduate Academy.

The IVC Evidensia Academy was established to provide learning opportunities for all of our employees and support career development at every stage. The Academy is now flourishing, with more employees than ever taking part. Since 2017 IVC Evidensia vets, nurses and support staff have utilised more than 28,900 delegate days.

IVC Evidensia Academy in our countries

We offer courses in Sweden, Netherlands, France and Belgium? Go to their respective sites for more information and see courses available. 

Zoe Jeffrey, Head Nurse at RVN Wellpets Animal Hospital in United Kingdom


“I really enjoyed the leadership course – the first day was fantastic… Overall the knowledge and skills gained were very beneficial to my role.”

Andy Barwise, BVSc MRCVS, Practice Manager at DeMontfort Vets in United Kingdom

“One area in any practice that always needs some improvement is asking for payment. We don’t join the profession with this in mind, but we cannot fulfil our work without the need to ask for payment for what our care is really worth.

Our whole practice attended the ‘Taking Payments with Confidence’ course, provided by the Reception Academy. Coinciding with our push to reduce the time spent chasing payment, it has been ideal in bringing the team together and giving them the confidence and tools needed to address one of the stressful parts of our job. An essential day for anyone on the frontline with clients, whether receptionists, nurses or vets.”

More about the Academy

IVC Evidensia Academy courses and programmes are primarily targeted for veterinarians and nurses wanting to develop basic- and intermediate levels of skills within various disciplines. Our courses and programmes cover both theoretical and practical aspects and can be short standalone events (Weekend courses and 1-week courses) to more structured multi-year programmes (2-4 years).

IVC Evidensia Academy courses and training programmes are arranged across our entire group.