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Graduate Academy

Unlock your path to veterinary excellence with graduate opportunities across the IVC Evidensia global network.

IVC Evidensia are committed to supporting the next generation of veterinary talent. That's why we have a breadth of opportunities for graduates across our global network. Whether you are seeking your first graduate role in practice or would like to explore the IVC Evidensia Graduate programmes, we can equip you with the knowledge, skills and support needed to excel in your profession. 

For graduate vets, joining our team offers a fantastic opportunity to further your clinical expertise, develop essential practical skills, and build valuable relationships within the veterinary community.  

At IVC Evidensiawe're committed to nurturing the brightest futures in veterinary medicine. Discover the opportunity to be part of a community of skilled veterinary professionals ready to share knowledge and continue to develop together. 

As of 2021, we’ve seen 1,193 graduates succeed with our Graduate Academy - ensuring the brightest future for our profession, and the best possible care for our patients 

IVC Evidensia, where excellence is cultivated, skills are honed, and lifelong connections are forged. Let's shape the future of veterinary care together. 

Benefit from: 

  • A structured introduction to your career
  • Mentorship and guidance from fellow professionals and coaches 
  • Career and personal development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities and events across our network
  • All the benefits of being part of the global IVC Evidensia network, including an excellent starting salary, comprehensive benefits and rewards, and more. 

Graduate Academy

IVC Evidensia

Join the IVC Evidensia Graduate Academy

A rewarding career, it’s yours for the taking

We understand that every graduate vet is unique, that’s why we empower you with the knowledge, exposure, and opportunities to unlock your passions and career aspirations. 

Our people are at the very heart of everything that we do. That’s why we have fostered a culture of empowerment and collaboration to provide the platform for our teams to reach their potential. We value the contributions of each individual across our global network, and the vital role that they play in our mission of healthy animals and happy owners.

Graduate Academy in the United Kingdom

A structured, supportive introduction to your veterinary career with the opportunity to really progress and develop your skills. You step into your first graduate role in a practice or hospital with the support of a dedicated practice-based Vet GDP Advisor/Academy Clinical Coach.  

You can decide between seven streams, each of which is tailored to your practice preferences, including small animal, farm, equine, and various combinations of each.

Graduate Internship Programme Ireland

Graduate Internship Programme Ireland

The IVC Evidensia Graduate Internship Programme is a comprehensive journey designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and dedicated support you need to excel. For graduate vets in Ireland, this programme offers a fantastic opportunity to shape your career journey, allowing you to further your clinical expertise, expand essential practical skills and be part of an international network of talented veterinary professionals.