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Becoming Climate Positive

It started as a conversation with a burger chain. But despite the fact that Evidensia and Max Burgers are very different from each other, it was soon realised that a common goal is shared - becoming climate-positive.

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Vets Now joins IVC Group

The leading provider of emergency veterinary care for pets in the UK, Vets Now, has joined IVC Group – a huge boost to IVC’s strategy of providing exceptional veterinary care at every stage of the pet owner journey.

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Do you know the correct weight of your pet? Tips and advice from Margot Thell

Animal obesity is becoming more common and can cause major animal health problems. Margot Thell is a licensed animal and medical nurse with extensive experience treating overweight pets and providing dietary advice for our furry friends.

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Independent Vetcare Referrals CPD Stream at London Vet Show 2018

Following the success of the Independent Vetcare referral CPD stream at LVS in 2017, vets from across the IVC referrals network again presented a full day's worth of CPD lectures on the first day of London Vet Show last week.

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Pet Travel After Brexit

Depending on the outcome of Brexit, the requirements for travelling to Europe with your pet could change drastically. Now ‘could’ is the operative word here, because there’s also the chance that nothing will change whatsoever! It all depends on whether or not the UK becomes a ‘listed’ country…

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New 24/7 Evidensia Animal Hospital To Open In Tampere

Evidensia Tampere Veterinary Station will expand its operations and open a small animal hospital serving 24 hours a day in Spring 2019.

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Vetapotek Starts Trading At Evidensia Djursjukhuset Malmö

Evidensia Djursjukhuset Malmö now has an animal pharmacy: Vetapotek

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Evidensia Specialists Prove Antibiotics In Surgery Are Not Necessary

At the Evidensia Specialist Animal Hospital in Strömsholm they have not used a single gram of prophylactic antibiotics in connection with surgery in recent years, with only one exception.

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IVC Nurses Sweep Up At Hill’s Awards Ceremony

Every year, Hill’s Pet Nutrition present awards to veterinary nurses and clinics for their support of weight management and senior pets. This year, we are thrilled to announce that two of the winners were members of the IVC family.

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