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IVC Evidensia Launches Group-Wide Care Fund

IVC Evidensia is delighted to announce the group-wide launch of the IVC Evidensia Care Fund, an initiative to improve both staff and animal wellbeing.

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IVC Evidensia Announces Further Investment To Continue Growth

IVC Evidensia’s continued vision to build the world’s best veterinary group has been bolstered with the following announcement of increased investment from new and existing companies to accelerate their growth:

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IVC Evidensia_Zetland

IVC Evidensia Recruitment Beyond Brexit

Our cultural diversity is something we are very proud of and something we will continue to build on beyond Brexit. It helps to make our teams stronger and with a depth of knowledge that is second to none.

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IVC Evidensia Launches Research Fund To Support Innovation

IVC Evidensia is delighted to announce the launch of a Research Fund which is available to all of their staff.

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Animals Are Simply The Best – But Think Beforehand!

Having a four-legged family member is truly amazing with the endless joy they bring, however animals are living beings who need love, care and attention, which requires a commitment both temporally and financially for many years.

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IVC Evidensia Group Head of Farm Animal and Equine Announced

IVC Evidensia has just announced the appointment of Jan Lievaart as Group Head of Farm Animal and Equine for IVC Evidensia.

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Family Reunite With Their Spaniel Six Years After She Was Stolen

Bonnie the Cocker Spaniel has reunited with her family after she was stolen from their Durham home in May 2014 – six and a half years ago!

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Richard Sinclair and David Martin

IVC Evidensia Launches Non-Accidental Injury Support

The link between violence to humans and animals is well-documented and with domestic violence seeing significant increases this year, IVC Evidensia’s Clinical Board have stepped up to support their staff, their clients, and the animals under their care.

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Evidensia Sørlandet Dyresykehus - Kristine

Evidensia Norway Opens Sørlandet’s First Animal Hospital

In February 2021, Sørlandet's first animal hospital will open. IVC Evidensia, Europe's largest veterinary chain, is investing further in the Kristiansand region, offering treatments with hospitalisation options at the new state-of-the-art animal hospital.

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