First Farm Vets Congress A Huge Success

Monday, March 28, 2022

This month saw the inaugural congress for IVC Evidensia Farm Vets take place at Ashorne Hill Conference Centre in Leamington Spa.

Exclusive to IVC Evidensia farm practice staff, the event gave the IVC Evidensia farm community the opportunity to gather together to network, build collaborations, and discuss what the future holds for the group.

As well as meeting their peers face to face for the first time in a while, there was clinical and non-clinical CPD on offer from MSD Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, Zoetis, AHDB and UK Farm Care, Jon Mayer of Park Issa Vets, Chris Wilkins of Derbyshire Vets and Owain Jenkins of Delaware Vets. Jan Lievaart, IVC Evidensia’s Group Head of Farm and Equine welcomed the delegates, followed by speakers from the various farm animal clinical working groups within IVC Evidensia.

Over seventy farm practice staff from across the country attended for idea-sharing, problem-solving and socialising with peers, helping to strengthen the community. The delegates also attended a dinner on the Thursday evening, giving them the chance to let their hair down, and take some time to relax, with a vet-based pub quiz thrown in for good measure.

Guy Vaughan, Clinical Director at Kenwyn Veterinary Centre was one of the delegates. He said,

“So far, the congress has gone really well. Yesterday was worthwhile and the topics were broad, covering relevant things that I was interested in. Last night was fun and it was great to have everyone in the same room again, talking, chatting, having a good time while networking.”

Andy Hardie, IVC Evidensia’s Head of Commercial – Farm and Equine said,

“I think the congress has been a great success. It’s great getting everyone in a room together. Zoom and Teams have got a place in the new normal but, there is no substitute for getting in a room and talking to people.”

Jan said that someone had said to him two years ago that they weren’t sure what direction farm was going in. He went on to say,

“I think this conference is making sure everyone involved in farm is coming together and are on the right track. Farm is important to us and we’re seeing what we discussed two years ago finally coming together. The conference has gone really well, everyone is really excited.”

The plan for the congress is to hold it twice a year, giving everyone who is part of IVC Evidensia Farm Vets the chance for knowledge-sharing, networking and really getting involved in the direction the group is taking.

The event was sponsored by MSD Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Zoetis.