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Thinking Big, Acting Locally

The nature of working life is changing. Where most of us used to work in top-down, hierarchical organisations, new business models emphasise autonomy, local decision-making and flexibility.

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Stepping Up To Management

“There is little training at UK veterinary schools in business and development, and IVC clearly knows this. That’s why they offer lots of support to help vets thrive in these areas."

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The Best Of The Best

The Helsingborg Specialist Animal Hospital, the first of its kind in Sweden, opened its doors in 1964. In the years since, the facility has grown to become an internationally recognised centre of excellence, as well as a teaching hospital that treats horses and small animals, and which pioneers new treatments.

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A Lifetime Of Learning At IVC

On-the-job training, continuous professional development – call it what you want but learning as you go can be either a blessing or a curse for anyone starting their careers.

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An Informal Education

Of Evidensia Denmark’s eight clinics, all care for small animals. Two are mixed practices that also see horses, and one treats cattle too. This gives the country’s 122 employees such a wide range of experiences and skills that Evidensia Denmark has been keen to find ways to share their knowledge across the group.

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Four-Legged Athletes

“The process for dogs is exactly the same as with a human athlete – the right surgery based on the correct diagnosis.” Dr Rico Vannini – Bessy's Kleintierklinik

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The Volunteer Vet

Having always been interested in primates, I looked for places to volunteer and work with them during the final practical year of my veterinarian studies. I spent four months at International Animal Rescue’s Macaque and Slow Loris Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Bogor, Indonesia and was very impressed by both the organisation and the centre.

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Round-The-Clock Care

People’s attitudes towards their pets are changing in Finland. Anssi Tast, Evidensia Finland’s Vice President, says that two decades ago, “It was still very much ‘animals are animals’ so they get a certain kind of treatment.”

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Ahead Of The Curve

Sweden has one of the world’s most advanced digital economies. It follows that veterinary care needs to use available technologies to offer the kind of quick, responsive and personalised services that customers now expect from every kind of business.

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