Clinical excellence

Healthy pets and happy owners

Our clinical boards at country and international levels provide help and guidance to ensure that clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Veterinary Advisors and Operations staff support local teams both clinically and commercially and, through our group forums, we provide a community to share and discuss best practice amongst like-minded colleagues.

The growth of IVC Evidensia means that we are fast becoming a force for change within the veterinary sector. Affecting top-level decisions while group veterinary advisors support practices, the clinical board ensures that the wishes and experiences of the frontline clinical staff regarding the needs of patients are translated into company policy.

Meet our Group Veterinary Medical Board.

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We are creating a workplace where we focus on innovation, engagement and teamwork.

Referral network

Right care, right time, right team

The IVC Evidensia referral network ensures that local teams are empowered to provide exceptional veterinary care by offering all of our patients the right care at the right time, delivered by the right team.

Medical Board

The Group Veterinary Medical Board – GVMB

A joint veterinary perspective – IVC Evidensia’s veterinary medical board meets with the heads of clinical boards and medical directors from other countries to discuss and agree on quality systems, ethical and clinical policies.


Clinical work requires excellent hygiene standards

To ensure a consistently high level across our group, we are following IVC Evidensia hygiene guidelines which improve the hygiene and infection prevention work in everyday practice.


“Like humans, our pets are what they eat”

Feeding your pet a wholesome, high-quality diet is an essential aspect of preventative healthcare and increases their chance of living a longer, healthier life.


The Positive Pawprint strategy

At IVC Evidensia we care every day - for animals, our clients, our colleagues, and for a better environment. We believe a sustainable approach to what we do is who we are.