Press contact and media pack

IVC Evidensia is Europe’s largest veterinary care provider with over 1,500 practices, hospitals and out of hour centres based across 12 countries employing 21,000 staff. We invest in our people, premises and processes to provide clinical excellence.


Contact for media and press

Catharina Burch
Head of Communications
+46 76 241 64 04

World-class veterinary care delivered locally

Founded in 2011, we have grown rapidly by offering vets a unique and innovative working environment, promoting the highest standards of care while retaining clinical freedom and the flexibility of local service delivery.

Our mission is bringing people together to make animal care better

We believe the best veterinary practices are those led by local teams, which is why we are pioneers in developing our people, investing in continuous professional development through education, defining best clinical standards and our celebrated Graduate Academies.

Advised by our Clinical Boards we ensure the best treatments and medicines are available for our clinicians, backed up by expert advice.

We promote the responsible use of antibiotics, raise awareness of infection prevention and champion many animal welfare issues.

Our purpose is simply: healthy animals and happy owners.