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Our reputation is built on the success stories of our clinics, hospitals and people.
Amanda Boag

Amanda Boag

Chief Medical Officer

“With over 80 referral sites, clinics and hospitals across Europe providing the highest quality specialist care and advanced equipment, we are continuing to build the largest and most extensive referral services network in Europe.

The IVC Evidensia network of referrals offers unrivalled career possibilities within not only specialist care but also emergency and critical care with Vets Now playing a key part of our group.”

Stephen Clarke, CEO, IVC Evidensia

Stephen Clarke

Chief Executive

“IVC Evidensia has guided the business from a platform of 20 practices to become Europe’s largest veterinary group with over 1,500 practices spanning twelve countries. Working at IVC Evidensia is very exciting and I really like the team, it will enable us to build on the tremendous success. The strength of our group lies in its people and IVC Evidensia has always been veterinary led with a focus on clinical excellence. I am a passionate pet owner and I strongly believe in the IVC Evidensia values and our commitment to clinical excellence.”

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"Within IVC Evidensia, you have a lifeline at all times."

Name: Dennis Drostgaard
Role: Veterinarian
Based: Zealand, Denmark

What do you do within IVC Evidensia?

I’m part of a local emergency team at the Næstved Animal Hospital and also the centralised emergency team for Karlslunde. The work gets you out of your comfort zone and forces you to act. Emergency situations drive you to seek new knowledge and to think on your feet. There are no ‘normal’ days – it often feels more like detective work.

How do the local and centralised emergency teams differ?

In the centralised team, there are more people at work at the same time – a mix of general staff and specialists. So we all get to share knowledge and experience. You also get to know each other across the clinics, so it’s easier to call somebody and ask them professional questions.

How does working for IVC Evidensia differ from your previous jobs?

Within IVC Evidensia, you have a lifeline at all times. There’s such a big network behind you that if you don’t know how to resolve a situation, you can almost always get a colleague in to help. Video calls especially mean that if you need a second opinion on an X-ray for example, they can see what you can see. Image diagnostics are in the cloud, so any vet can access that if you need them to. Telemedicine is the future. It’s a way to break down borders across the countries and use specialists throughout the company to make the best diagnosis.

"As part of a European network of clinics, we are now able to share skills, ideas and experiences with others within the group."

Name: Laurent Marescaux
Role: Medical Imaging Specialist, partner at Oncovet
Based: Villeneuve-d’ascq, France

How long have you been working for IVC Evidensia?

I have been at the Oncovet clinic for 16 years and before that, I was a lecturer at the National Veterinary School in Nantes. When Oncovet became part of the group in January 2019, I also became part of it.

What does your current role involve?

Almost all of my time – I’d say around 90% – is dedicated to clinical activity, with the remaining 10% spent on administrative activity. I supervise the medical imaging service. This process involves managing medical imaging analysis, taking care of the patients’ anesthesia, making a diagnosis and writing medical reports.

You’ve been a partner of Oncovet since 2004 and are now part of IVC Evidensia. What changes have you noticed from being part of a larger organisation?

I think that by being part of the group can open up new possibilities for the Oncovet clinic. By that, I don’t mean just financial resources. As part of a European network of clinics, we are now able to share skills, ideas and experiences with others within the group.

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