IVC Evidensia Spring Referrals Summit 2022

Monday, May 23, 2022

IVC Evidensia Referral clinicians provided with an afternoon of wellbeing and resilience CPD at the Spring Referral Summit 2022.

Referral Clinicians from IVC Evidensia clinics and hospitals, across 10 countries, were invited to an afternoon of CPD focusing on the topics of Wellbeing and Resilience. Following feedback from last year’s event, which provided overwhelming requests for coverage of these areas, the organisers were pleased to provide three thought provoking speakers.

Amanda Boag, Chief Medical Officer said, “We wanted to shine a light on what can be challenging and emotive topics; talking openly is an important part of breaking the stigma that can be associated with reaching out for help and support. It is vital that as a profession we break down these barriers and I was delighted we could invite three such thought-provoking speakers.”

Carolyne Crowe from VDS Training, opened the afternoon with her familiar engaging and informative look at ‘thriving’ – the importance of leading yourself so you can then lead others and succeed further in your career. Helene Seljenes Dalum, a veterinarian from Norway who is currently doing a PhD on mental health among vets, followed with her presentation titled ‘A scientific approach to suicidal behaviour among veterinary surgeons in Norway’ – with emphasis on stigma and help-seeking. Helene commented after the event, “I really appreciated talking to so many colleagues across Europe at IVC Evidensia's Referral Summit.

In the NORVET project, we aim both to produce hard facts on how vets in Norway are doing; but also hope that our research can contribute to reducing the stigma often associated with mental illness across the wider veterinary profession, to better care for ourselves and our colleagues. Last time I checked, our head was attached to the rest of our body, so we need to remove that artificial distinction between our mental and physical health.”

Consultant wellbeing Psychologist and Psychotherapist Nick Bayliss closed the afternoon with ‘How to thrive in this High-Pressure Life’, by sharing his 7 strategies that included emotionally decompressing and posing the question – “do we work obsessively or passionately?”, informing those listening that the former can harm us, while the latter nourishes.

Amanda Boag went on to say, “Our values are ‘We Care, We Dare and We Share’ and those values were all demonstrated today - I’m very proud that we dared to deliver a programme that addressed challenging issues and provided tools to those listening, to help take care of themselves and their colleagues.”

The IVC Evidensia Referral Summit recordings will be made available to colleagues across the Group over the coming months and plans for the Autumn Summit are already underway.

Links to Helene's work can be found here: