IVC Evidensia Launches Equine Brand

Monday, August 23, 2021

A new UK-wide equine brand has been created by IVC Evidensia after a surge in equine teams joining over the past 18 months.

The recent influx has massively strengthened the equine network and the IVC Evidensia Equine Vets brand has been created in collaboration with the companies Equine Clinical Board, which is made up of working equine vets representing the diverse portfolio of practices.
The new Equine Vets brand will allow better communication for equine teams within the IVC Evidensia group as well as collaboration with the wider equine world. IVC Evidensia Equine Vets network now has almost 300 equine vets, ranging from graduates to European Specialists.

The group’s equine makeup is split equally between dedicated equine and mixed practice, with all practices supported by the four large equine veterinary referral hospitals in the UK – Donnington Grove Veterinary Group, Fyrnwy Equine Group, Oakham Veterinary Hospital and Pool House Equine.

One fifth of the practices encompass staff with Advanced Practitioner or above qualifications and a quarter house operating theatres. With a third having stabling, there is a wide variety of support options for case workups and much more.

Staff in the network can also make use of the state-of-the-art facilities at the renowned Donnington Grove Equine Laboratory in Berkshire.

Supporting all horse enthusiasts, from recreational horses to racehorses, family ponies to dressage competitors and every horse in between. The brands mission is to, put the welfare of horses at the heart of everything they do. Providing outstanding continuity of care for all equine species and breeds across our network. At the forefront of continual professional development, supporting and facilitating the development of clinical and leadership skills across all their equine teams, IVC Evidensia is building the leading network for equine veterinary care across Europe.

“Our network brings together all forms of equine work from ambulatory practice to some of leading UK equine referral centres,” said Richard Stephenson, Chair of the IVC Evidensia Equine Clinical Board.

“It gives support to all our staff in their careers. We facilitate clinical development from the graduate academy, through intern training, residencies and training up to European Diplomat level. We provide coaching and leadership, flexible roles and friendly, inclusive teams.”

Vets from practices across the IVC Evidensia Equine Vets network are looking forward to meeting up with fellow equine vets at this year’s BEVA 2021 congress at the beginning of September, where they will be offering a great cup of coffee and the chance to expand upon what the Equine Vets brand stands for as vocalised here: https://bit.ly/3fY00hM

“The Equine Clinical Board are working on lots of projects to aid our equine teams in enjoying the freedom of the role with the support of our network.” said IVC Evidensia Chief Executive UK & Ireland, Paul Cowling.

“I want to thank all our equine teams for their continued passion and clinical care for our nation’s horses, ponies and donkeys. Together we will make IVC Evidensia Equine Vets the frontrunner in equine innovation in the veterinary profession here in the UK.”

To find out more visit https://www.ivcevidensia.co.uk/Equine or stand B01 at BEVA 2021 congress.