Strengthening Clinically Led Foundations

Monday, August 16, 2021

With continued growth as one of Europe’s largest veterinary groups, IVC Evidensia has announced the evolution of our existing Large Animal Advisory Board and Equine Advisory Board.

“Clinically led practice is the foundation on which IVC Evidensia has been built. Our species specific boards made up of practising vets that represent the make-up and geographical spread of our UK practices, are at the centre of this. These boards and their working groups are integral to steering focus resource to support, improve and innovate working practises, benefitting clinical outcomes and increasing animal welfare standards. Which aligns with their commitment to Quality Improvement," explains Paul Cowling, IVC Evidensia UK & Ireland CEO. 

“With farm and equine practices continuing to strengthen the diversity of IVC Evidensia in the UK, I believe it is important that all of our boards reflect the impact they have within the group.”

The Large Animal and Equine Advisory Boards were originally formed to give the farm and equine teams, within the group, guidance as well as offer advice and support. Each advisory board created working groups to help guide best practice within IVC Evidensia, take on specific projects and work collaboratively with other groups.

To ensure parity and continue to build on the strong foundations the group has built, both advisory boards have evolved into Clinical Boards. They will continue to work within the group, steering policy, best practice, and improving animal welfare standards in the same way as the existing Small Animal Clinical Board.

The members of all of the IVC Evidensia Clinical Boards are practicing vets from both first opinion and referral practices within the group. Sharing expertise, knowledge and experience, they work in unison to help shape the future, not just for IVC Evidensia but, for the veterinary industry as a whole. Focused on animal and staff welfare, the Clinical Boards support each of the group’s practices with evidence-based care, quality assurance, medical strategies, discussion forums and advice – both one to one, or on a group scale through suggested protocols or resources such as their Non Accidental Injury support. They demonstrate the heart of a Veterinary led company.


Sarah Colegrave, Clinical Director at Mill House Vets and Small Animal Clinical Board Member, said, "I feel immensely privileged to be a member of the board. The structure allows clinicians to pool their ideas and enthusiasm to develop practical resources, which make a real difference to vets in practice. This has proven extremely useful during recent challenges, such as a national shortage of isoflurane, support with provision of Veterinary Medicine at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and, readily available advice on how to react to welfare concerns such puppy selling businesses and brachycephalic dogs.

The Small Animal Clinical Board has implemented schemes to improve clinical standards at practice level with initiatives such as Hygiene week and the Patient Safety Award which support real change by achievable means. Having this clinical presence ensures that the core values of outstanding clinical care are truly represented in the company and that our practices are supported to strive for excellence.”


Jim Hopkins, Clinical Director at Steffan Vets and Farm Animal Clinical Board member said he felt that being able to share knowledge and collaborate with other practices within the group was a refreshing change.

“It is an opportunity to share clinical knowledge, and collaborate, with colleagues from across the UK (and Europe) which is fun, challenging and exciting. Prior to joining IVC Evidensia we wouldn’t exchange clinical knowledge, ideas and protocols with others outside of our small practice.”

He also felt that the support the Clinical Boards offered was incredibly useful to practices across the group - “The board can encourage best practice but, also support and mentor practices to achieve this, while giving us an excellent platform to lead, influence and exchange ideas and concepts across the group.”


Jenny Fanning, Lead Equine Vet at Penmellyn Vets and Equine Clinical Board member said, “Of course, clinical excellence is at the forefront of everyone's minds, but my main passion and the area I am able to pursue, champion and contribute to as a member of the Equine Clinical Board is the wellbeing and welfare of the ‘equine team’ as a whole. Not just vets, but nurses, admin and lay staff too. I relish the opportunity to drive the equine side of IVC Evidensia forward in the UK and into the future with the goal of securing our place as the best employers for equine staff, both in the UK and around the world.”