Work From A Fresh Perspective

Monday, October 22, 2018

When an owner spots something about their pet that worries them, they seek the timely advice of a local vet.

The same is true with vets in first-opinion practices, who refer cases to regional animal hospitals once they suspect that a problem may need to be seen by a specialist. Evidensia Denmark is now using the ties created from being part of a large group to allow a more fluid exchange of ideas and experiences up and down this referral chain.

Anne Rex Fleron has been working as a vet in general practice since 2003, spending 12 years at Evidensia Dahlgaard Dyreklinik in Birkerød before transferring to Evidensia Slotsbyens Dyreklinik in Hillerød last year. Both clinics are in the northern part of Zealand and regularly refer cases to Evidensia Karlslunde Dyrehospital, 50km to the south. In 2017, Denmark’s Country Manager, Ulla Pless, suggested an internship at Karlslunde, which Anne immediately accepted.


“About a third of my work lies in dermatology cases,” explains Anne, “with the rest mixed surgery and internal medicine. I have always liked surgery, so I thought the internship would be a win-win situation. I would be able to do more surgery, while I could teach them dermatology.”

For two months, Anne worked three days a week at Karlslunde, switching with a vet who went to work at Birkerød. After a few days of observations, she moved onto consultations  and surgery. “I participated in orthopaedic operations, including several prolapsed discs,” says Anne. “I’d had experience from Birkerød in laparoscopic operations but it was inspirational to see how they were performed in Karlslunde. I learned several new methods.”

Anne also benefited from the up-tempo pace of the referral hospital. “The flow of patients is so much higher,” she notes.

“In two months at Karlslunde, I saw as many orthopaedic surgeries as in years in general practice.” Anne Rex Fleron – Evidensia Slotsbyens Dyreklinik


Prior to working in Karlslunde, Anne mainly referred animals to Karlslunde for CT scans, unaware of their other specialist skills. Now that she’s back at her regular practice, she can not only refer a wider range of cases but also knows who to contact. “It makes cooperation so much easier and quicker because I can now call individual vets directly to discuss the patient,” she says. “The vets and nurses at Karlslunde are no longer just nameless voices on a phone, they are friends and colleagues.”