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Vetapotek Starts Trading At Evidensia Djursjukhuset Malmö

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Evidensia Djursjukhuset Malmö now has an animal pharmacy: Vetapotek


Evidensia has started pharmacy trading focusing on veterinary medicines. The physical pharmacy Vetapotek is based at Evidensia Djursjukhuset Malmö and aims to conveniently provide pet medications and products to its customers and their pets. Also launched is an e-commerce site: www.vetapotek.se.

“Evidensia launching pharmacy operations focusing on veterinary medicines in our premises at Evidensia Djursjukhuset Malmö is another step forward in our ambition to offer the industry’s best customer satisfaction. We want every meeting with animals and their owners to make a difference, and Vetapotek is our way of further contributing to that.” Johan Wiklund – CEO, Evidensia Djursjukvård

Vetapotek will sell pharmaceuticals, self-care products, pet food, pet supplies and toys. This ensures that animal medications are always available throughout the Malmö region whenever animal owners are in need. Having a pharmacy directly adjacent to Evidensia Djursjukhus provides convenience to animal owners and patients of the clinic.

“We look forward to being able to help even more animals and their owners with advice and support on medicines and animal health. It is amazingly fun that we now open our first Vetapotek in a region where many animal owners are given the opportunity to take advantage of more of our services and products,” says Johan Wiklund

The store concept was developed by Reactor Retail with the e-commerce site produced by Limetta.

Vetapotek has permission from the Swedish Medicines Agency to operate pharmacies.

Evidensia Djursjukvård offers safe and personal care for dogs, cats, exotic animals and horses. At local animal clinics and specialized animal hospitals throughout Sweden, pets receive preventive healthcare, primary care, emergency care, advanced surgery and rehabilitation. Together, the dedicated employees across the country receive over 500,000 patient visits per year.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Wiklund, CEO Evidensia Sweden, +46 70 321 99 99, johan.wiklund@evidensia.se