World-class veterinary care, delivered locally: Uppsala Veterinary Clinic Evidensia set to open in Sweden later this year

Thursday, September 14, 2023

It’s just a couple of months until the Uppsala Veterinary Clinic Evidensia opens for pet patients and their owners. 

Opening later this year, Uppsala Veterinary Clinic, Sweden.

Opening later this year, Uppsala Veterinary Clinic will offer state-of-the-art emergency care to pets and their owners who have previously had to travel outside of the city (located around 45 miles north of Stockholm) for a number of years. 

Located conveniently in the same city as the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Uppsala Veterinary Clinic will boast exceptional emergency care and advanced specialist care in many areas, with the new clinic team comprised of industry-leading veterinarians, skilled surgeons for soft tissue and orthopedics, imaging specialists, oncologists, dental veterinarians, specialists in exotics and small mammals, and much more. The Clinic will, therefore, be able to handle almost everything. From everyday small tasks such as claw capsules or bite wounds, to routine surgeries, castrations and uterine inflammations. 

Charlotta von Delwig, Operations Manager, tells us, “We’re nearly at construction completion stage and are starting to look at the details, such as what chairs will work best for our team and at what height the sinks need to be. It’s starting to feel very real now!” The emergency room and the outpatient clinic will be the first areas to open, followed by the surgery and the ward.

The new build Clinic covers around 1,600 square metres, with more than two thirds dedicated to the care of animals, and the rest to be used as a training facility, which will be used by local University students and also by the IVC Evidensia Academy programme, which is available to both clinical and non-clinical colleagues across Sweden who want to further develop their careers. 

The entire ethos of the Clinic is built on 3 main principles: Emergency care, Work Environment and Advanced Specialist Care. Charlotta says, "First and foremost, Uppsala Veterinary Clinic should be a clinic everyone wants to work for. Here, we firmly believe in investing in the work environment, staff well-being and development.”

Evelina Ogren, Country Manager Evidensia Sweden, says “We’re delighted with the exceptional levels of veterinary care that we will soon be able to offer to pets and their owners in the Uppsala region of Sweden. The investment we’re making in cutting edge technology, along with brilliant working conditions for our team means that we’re able to support our incredible vets and vet nurses to be at the very forefront of the profession.” 

Simon Smith, Group CEO, adds “Across IVC Evidensia we’re investing to continuously improve our veterinary care, our employee well-being and customer service. This considerable investment into the new clinic in Uppsala highlights our commitment to supporting our dedicated vets, vet nurses, specialists and support staff in delivering on our purpose of Healthy Animals, Happy Owners.”

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