Stepping Up To Management

Monday, October 22, 2018

“There is little training at UK veterinary schools in business and development, and IVC clearly knows this. That’s why they offer lots of support to help vets thrive in these areas."



“I’d been working as a vet for 12 years when the job of Clinical Director came up at Congleton Vets. Although I didn’t have the management experience, I felt I was ready for a new challenge. I formally applied for the role. Thankfully this was successful, and Paul Cowling appointed me to the position. He did this with reassurance that should it not end up being a role that suited me, then I could return to my previous employment as a vet only.”


“I’d never dealt with financial budgets before, for example, and knew little about HR and recruitment. However, our Business Support Manager was always there to offer support and advice, as was our Practice Manager, Melissa Sutton.

“Despite being a corporate group, IVC’s model leaves Clinical Directors free to run their business, although help and advice is always available. This support network was a very positive experience for me.”

Our Head Nurse, Jenny Proctor, also has a wealth of experience in the veterinary industry, and so we have been able to draw on each other’s strengths, knowledge and experiences. Higher management have also always been available as and when we needed help.”


“Since becoming Clinical Director, staff numbers have increased on an annual basis. I have learned that change is inevitable and you constantly need to be able to adapt.

“In the past four years, I’ve also witnessed IVC evolve and develop. They’ve introduced Leadership and EMS programmes, as well as their New Grad, Nursing and Receptionist Academies. To me, this commitment to staff at every level is what makes IVC stand out as a unique veterinary employer. They’re helping create leaders from within.”

Congleton Veterinary Centre: