New 24/7 Evidensia Animal Hospital To Open In Tampere

Friday, November 9, 2018

Evidensia Tampere Veterinary Station will expand its operations and open a small animal hospital serving 24 hours a day in Spring 2019.


The 24 hour facility will allow for versatile treatment of patients both prophylactically and at the moment of distress. Patients requiring hospitalisation and occupational patients may, if necessary, remain to be treated overnight.

Around 40 veterinary and animal care professionals will be working within the new 940 square meter animal hospital, which will also serve as a reputable nursing home and hospital for pets in Ostrobothnia, Central Finland and the West Coast.

The renovated Evidensia Tampere hospital will offer specialised expertise in internal diseases, heart disease, ultrasound examination, surveillance research and surgery, pelvic surgery, tumor diseases and dental care. The clinic also features a dog sperm bank and special expertise in pet breeding sciences. The hospital already houses a CT (Computer Tomography) scanner for the Tampere region.

Evidensia Tampere has invested heavily in cat-friendliness, with cats considered a very important patient group and their needs being taken into account for the new premises.

In the new animal hospital there will be waiting rooms, reception and wake-up rooms in the cats’ area, with their own department dedicated to 24 hour care. “This is with the aim of trying to reduce the stress experienced by cats during treatment,” says the director of the clinic, small animal specialist Hanna Pihlman.

The highly skilled and experienced staff at Evidensia Tampere also offer pet owners advice on day-to-day activities along with support throughout every stage of their pet’s consultations and treatments.

“We will continue to invest in every individual’s treatment and wellness environment,” says Salla Leppävuori, a veterinary surgeon at Evidensia Tampere.

The new, modern animal clinic will be operating at the current familiar site at Tampere Peltokatu and will be renovated and expanded to accommodate the new hospital and emergency services. Visitors will have free parking at the main entrance.

In spite of the renovation, operations continue as normal in the premises of the Tampere Clinic without any disruption to offering outstanding clinical care for its pet patients.

For more information on the progress of the project, see the Evidensia Tampere Facebook page.