IVC Evidensia Takes Bold Steps To Empower Research Innovation

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

IVC Evidensia has recently announced plans to significantly expand support for vets and nurses undertaking clinical research working within our expansive European network of veterinary clinics and hospitals.

The initiative, jointly led by the Group’s Veterinary Medical Board and Referral Team provides extensive practical support and financial assistance, as well as strengthening links within the professional community. Employing some 15,000 vets and nurses in general practice and referral settings, we hope that this additional support will open further opportunities for our teams with a desire to innovate.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Alistair Cliff, said “We introduced funding for research across our European Group at the beginning of this year and have been overwhelmed by the interest this has received. We understand the importance of these opportunities for professional development and also an individual’s job satisfaction.

“We believe it is incumbent upon us to increase this support for research to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, the development of our teams and our value as an employer. Ensuring our teams are content, with a diverse range of ways to develop, is important in allowing us to continue to attract the best people in the profession. The leadership teams have been working with our clinicians to understand how to provide that support, driving forward effective plans for immediate investment, both in terms of direct funding and in the platforms our teams require to interact and network within a rich research community.”

The GVMB Research Fund

In June 2021, the Group made the first awards through the GVMB Research Fund. Seven grants were provided to research teams from three countries – the UK, The Netherlands and France. In total, the funding will benefit some 21 researchers working as interns, residents, referral clinicians and specialists from a variety of different settings.

Chief Medical Officer Amanda Boag remarked “It is incredibly satisfying to be able to provide support to our teams at critical points of their professional development. In some cases, funding has been provided to experienced researchers looking to contribute yet more to the understanding within their respective disciplines. In other examples, we have supported interns, who are at the very beginning of that journey and at a stage where funding can be difficult to secure.”

Fund recipient Stefano Manca, an intern at Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists was delighted to receive funding for his study into patellar luxation in dogs remarked,

“Clinical research is an important part of an internship. Working on this project is helping me to increase my confidence in analysing the published literature and with my scientific writing.” 

Ms Boag said, “With additional interest from several general practitioners and nurses, the fund has quickly become a significant benefit to working for IVC Evidensia."

In addition to financial support, the Group also provides practical help when applying with resources available to guide teams on study design, ethical requirements, and statistical support. Less experienced researchers can access a network of Research Partners - a group of experienced clinicians from around Europe who have volunteered their own time to mentor colleagues through a collaborative approach to a project. IVC Evidensia believes this level of support is unmatched by any other grant funds.

Annette van der Lee, Head of Dermatology for IVC Evidensia in the Netherlands, and Research Partner said “The IVC Evidensia Research Fund has enabled us to contribute to improvement of patient care, science and education. Research is an indispensable part of training a Resident.”

IVC Evidensia CEO Stephen Clarke commented, “It has been eye-opening to observe the level of interest that research has received in the past year from within our Group. We are fully committed to growing this critical part of our business and intend to meet the needs of our people both financially and through the various platforms our teams are developing.”

Mr Clarke confirmed that funding levels would increase in the coming 12 months.