IVC Evidensia Supporting COVID-19 Detecting Dogs

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Trained COVID-19 detecting dogs will now start working when a four-month trial starts this week at Helsinki airport.

Bordercollie Asta kuvaaja Kari Pullinen

Following preliminary studies that offered promising results which could potentially reduce COVID-19 testing to ten seconds along with saving millions of euros, a group of trained dogs are now working at the airport in Helsinki to assist in identifying possible COVID-19 positive patients.

In an effort to support new solutions in taming the COVID-19 pandemic, IVC Evidensia in Finland have provided sponsorship to the Wise Nose Oy association in order to enable the University Of Helsinki to continue their research and are also providing healthcare services to the sixteen dogs in training. In addition to this, further support of the health care of the dogs will continue with their food provided via Purina Expert Care.

The partners participating in this groundbreaking project are the University of Helsinki, which conducts research, and Wise Nose Oy, which is responsible for training the dogs. The Health and Safety Authority at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the City of Vantaa’s social and health care sector, so close collaboration with the City of Vantaa has enabled the pilot programme to now commence at the airport.

Finavia will provide testing facilities and the pilot’s results will be reported to customs. The goal is for the dogs to be given the status of service dog and a COVID-19 dog detection test could become standard procedure during the customs process.

We wish all the dogs the best of luck in their hard work!