IVC Evidensia Response to the Australian bushfires

Monday, January 20, 2020

All IVC Evidensia staff have been united in their grief towards the tragedy unfolding on the other side of the world. Many people across our group have been enquiring as to how we can collectively respond, specifically to the animal crisis that has arisen from the ongoing fires.

IVC Evidensia is currently working through a plan to send several teams of vets and nurses over to Australia to help in whatever capacity is required – be that working on the front line or relieving vets and nurses in local practices so they can assist in the rescue operations.

With this in mind we will be fully funding teams of our own vets and nurses to work in Australia for a minimum of 4 weeks at a time to support the longer term efforts of providing aid to the recovery of wildlife. It’s a significant undertaking for both the individuals who volunteer their time and skills and for the company financially, but this is the right and proper response from Europe’s leading veterinary group.

Group COO Russell Trenter, who is helping coordinate the efforts comments, “Summer in Australia still has four months to run with the fires likely to continue so this will be an ongoing operation. We will work with our Australian contacts to ensure the most appropriate support over this period. We are looking for vets and nurses from across the group to volunteer.

“Given that our three core values are ‘caring’, ‘daring’ and ‘sharing’ we concluded that the best way we can demonstrate this is through direct action and getting boots on the ground”, comments David Hillier, Group CEO.