Meet the team

IVC Evidensia is Europe’s leading veterinary care provider based across eleven countries. Meet and get to know the group CEO Stephen Clarke, our Country Managers and Management Team.

Stephen Clarke

Chief Executive

“I am very impressed by the way the team in Europe has guided the business from a platform of 20 practices to become Europe’s largest veterinary group with almost 1,400 practices spanning eleven countries. Working at IVC Evidensia will be very exciting and I really like the team and believe that my experience combined with theirs will enable us to build on the tremendous success the group has already seen. I am a passionate pet owner and I strongly believe in the IVC Evidensia values and their commitment to clinical excellence.”

Country Managers

  Paul Cowling

United Kingdom & Ireland CEO

IVC Evidensia UK

IVC Evidensia Ireland

   Christoph Dänzer


IVC Evidensia Germany

Michiel van Silfhout

Netherlands and Belgium CEO

IVC Evidensia Netherlands

IVC Evidensia Belgium

  Ulla Pless

Denmark Country Manager

Evidensia Denmark

  Johan Wiklund

Sweden Country Manager

Evidensia Sweden

  Cecilie Ryan Yttreeide

Norway Country Manager

Evidensia Norway

  Jukka Toivanen

Finland Country Manager

Evidensia Finland

  Patrick Govart

France Country Manager

IVC Evidensia France