IVC Evidensia Launches Group-Wide Care Fund

Friday, February 19, 2021

IVC Evidensia is delighted to announce the group-wide launch of the IVC Evidensia Care Fund, an initiative to improve both staff and animal wellbeing.


The purpose of the fund is to further support staff in providing the best possible care to assist pets and owners in difficult times. It is an integral part of our mission of bringing people together to help make animal care better.

The pan-European fund will help pets suffering from serious conditions by offering assistance to owners who are facing financial challenges. Additionally this fund will help enhance the wellbeing of our staff by providing support and treatment options during an often challenging and immensely stressful decision-making process as shown in surveys conducted during the pilot.

The pilot has been running across approximately 10% of practices between October 2020 and January 2021. This has proven to be immensely well received, coming to the aid of many animals, their owners and our staff who have reported a 95% improvement in their own wellbeing when managing these difficult situations. We predict that access across the group will empower our vets to save the lives of around 2000 pets every year.

Group CEO Stephen Clarke says “I am very proud to establish a fund to assist clients and pets during times of crisis. I am particularly impressed following all of the challenges we have faced regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that we are in a strong position to be able to offer this fund. The recent difficulties have shown how we have all come together and found new ways of working during these unprecedented times.”

Alistair Cliff, Chair of the Group Veterinary Medical Board says “The pilot has demonstrated loud and clear that our teams need and deserve this support and have found it to be incredibly valuable. As a clinician, it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction to consider the scale on which a fund like this can impact on animals across the whole of Europe – keeping healthy pets at home, where they belong.”

The IVC Evidensia Care Fund will be available to vets across the group’s expansive first opinion and referral networks, ensuring that pets, owners and practice staff have access to the benefits that it provides.