IVC Evidensia Launches Farm Vets Brand

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

With 400+ farm vets working across the UK, IVC Evidensia has a vibrant and knowledgeable farm community, yet the abundance of farm veterinary practices that make up this network, their commitment to supporting thriving careers and influencing working practices for the good of animal welfare, food production and farm veterinary staff, has so far gone under the radar - something that they are about to change.


Reinforcing its strength as a unified group, the launch of IVC Evidensia Farm Vets provides a very clear direction for a part of the business that is still growing at an exciting pace, and who better to tell us more about the aims and actions of IVC Evidensia Farm Vets, than their farm teams, see video.

Many of the farm practices that make up the IVC Evidensia Farm Vets network can trace their history back 100+ years. “We’re very proud of practices heritage, however we needed a brand identity to give us a collective voice to positively influence change, on a scale that represents our size and enables us to communicate with the veterinary profession, farm industry and stakeholders in government more effectively,” says Owain Jenkins, Clinical Director at Delaware Vets & Chair of the IVC Evidensia UK Farm Clinical Board.

Equally important, it gives our farm teams a brand that they can be a part of, to sit alongside their own local practice brand that represents the supportive farming community that has flourished within IVC Evidensia in recent years.” he continued.

Looking after over 10,000 farms, estates and small holdings, their farm teams are the trusted partners. Under their care is the health of 14% of the cattle in the UK (nearly 1.5 million cattle) and 10% or >2.5 million sheep.

They are also delighted to be part of the regional Farmcare companies in England, as one of the 4 Key Delivery Partners involved with these companies.

‘Commitment to high quality partnerships with farmers and farm communities to deliver peace of mind, as well as value, in a fast-paced changing world’, is just part of their mission statement, one that they are already delivering on through their IVC Evidensia Farm Vets brand.

Following feedback from a number of practices regarding the issue of dog walkers not picking up after their canine companions when on public footpaths through livestock grazing, signs have been created and are being offered free of charge to farm clients who are experiencing this problem. Staying true to the company’s sustainable principals they are made from recyclable material, with predrilled holes. “They are intended to help farmers educate owners, to tackle a problem that can have a big impact on herd health.” Colin Buchan, Clinical Director at Avondale Vets and 2019 Dairy Vet of the Year.

With a well-established Farm Animal Clinical Board made up of farm Clinical Directors, representing not only their local regions but the diversity of farm practices across the UK, their ranks were strengthened in December with the appointment of Jan Lievaart as Group Head of Farm Animal and Equine. This newly established role in the group supports the Farm and Equine strategy across the whole business, intensifying the momentum to build on current successes, such as their industry leading Farm Vet Graduate Academy program.

“We joined IVC Evidensia several years ago and it’s been wonderful to see and be part of such a collaborative community of farm vets, supported and invested in by the larger company. There’s always lots being worked on so, whilst it’s great to be a part of things today, I know the future holds a lot more for us as part of IVC Evidensia Farm Vets and we look forward to exciting times ahead”, John Blackwell, Clinical Director at Brownlow Veterinary Group

For more information visit the farm section of of our UK website.