IVC Evidensia Is Investing Heavily Now More Than Ever

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Veterinary care in Sweden is growing at a fast pace, and we are placing ourselves in the best possible position for a bright and busy future.


Many of our largest hospitals are undergoing transformations and extensions as demand increases and larger facilities, more equipment and more staff are needed.

Evidensia Djursjukhuset Malmö’s construction project is in its final phase along with a new animal hospital in Gothenburg set to open this spring. Additionally the specialist animal hospital in Helsingborg is expanding and receiving a new neurology centre that will be ready in the spring of 2022. The impressive expansion at Södra Djursjukhuset in Kungens Kurva will result in another size increase in the future.

In Strömsholm the hospital has in the last two years undergone several stages of renovation and expansion with new dedicated areas such as outpatient clinics, waiting rooms, labs and ultrasound rooms. Currently underway is stage 4 of an extension providing 225 new square meters for the imaging, surgery and sterile departments as well as renovation of their existing areas.

Investments to get even better

Construction projects and other investments are financed by foundations, donations and importantly IVC Evidensia’s generated profit is reinvested in the company.

“The investments are based on what our animal hospitals and animal clinics need and their wishes. What needs to be considered is whether these investments are proven strategically to increase integration opportunities in the operations and their usefulness,” says Evidensia Sweden CEO Johan Wiklund.

The current major investments mean that Evidensia Sweden’s largest referral hospital will be able to treat more pets than ever before and across the country is committed to meeting the requirements to deliver veterinary care for today’s demands and in the future. With the current pet boom, a high investment rate is required greater than ever though such ongoing renovations and expansions are just part of a larger strategy that Evidensia Sweden is continually working with.

For example it’s not just about increasing the size of the hospitals that matters, but just as much about investing in Evidensia Sweden’s top competencies and specialists. By allowing the main technical tools to be available to them, the company continues to provide world-class veterinary care and remain at the forefront in several of the key areas of veterinary medicine.

New advanced imaging technology at several IVC Evidensia hospitals provides unique capacity

A current technology investment is the high-field magnetic cameras that benefit both Södra Djursjukhuset and Specialistdjursjukhusen in Helsingborg and Strömsholm.

Frida Westgren, chief veterinarian at Södra Djursjukhuset, says “The MRI provides much better diagnostics in several areas such as orthopaedics, oncology and neurology. The method is good for diagnosing, above all, soft tissue pathology and therefore is a great help with problems concerning, for example, the brain, nerves, backs, muscles and tendons. It will help us to diagnose more quickly and make decisions about further treatment.”

At Södra Djursjukhuset an MRI is a necessity for complete diagnostics. The addition of the MRI to the hospital now means that referring cases is no longer necessary as they can be diagnosed and treated within the same location, which is always to the patient’s advantage.

Martin Rapp, chief veterinarian at Strömsholm, also talks about the need that will be met. “In addition to CT, our hospital has used low-field MRI since 2004, so we have extensive experience with MRI scans. When we were faced with the fact that it was high time to change, an upgrade to a high-field machine felt natural. The new MRI machine gives us exciting opportunities and we feel very happy with what it will provide to us and our patients,” he said.

With three high-field magnetic cameras within Evidensia Sweden, capacity increases and coverage are greatly broadened. Hospitals can receive a large number of referral cases from all over the country, examine more patients and expand their diagnostic potential.

Initiatives for the benefit of animals and animal owners

Although the expectations of the large hospitals in the metropolitan regions mean considerable investment, the smaller Evidensia Sweden units are far from forgotten.

“The local businesses know best what they and their pet owners need and the investments there are logical consequences of that,” Johan continues. “Many extensive investments also result in the fantastic collaboration that exists within Evidensia Sweden and are beneficial for everyone. Previously, we have invested heavily in Provet, Sectra Pacs and Min Veterinär (online vet).

They all stand for collaboration opportunities and smooth consultation procedures when each unit is integrated with each other.

The integration is also a huge advantage for the animal owners. Whether they meet one of our veterinarians on their mobile phones or need to visit a clinic in another city, the patient history is always easily accessible.

Evidensia Sweden is available for the sake of its patients and they come to us when there is a need for care. We invest in volume and equipment – but first of all in healthy animals and pet owners who are happy their beloved friend can be with them for a long and happy life. In other words, the future lies with us.”