IVC Evidensia Appoints New Equine Group Veterinary Advisor

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Following the success of the IVC Evidensia Equine Vets launch, the group has appointed a new Equine Group Veterinary Advisor (GVA).

Mark Tabachnik has joined the team of GVAs, who work to influence policy and practice at every level, to help shape the future for the group’s Equine Vets teams and the clients they work with. He joins long-standing Equine Vets GVA, Graham Hunter.

Mark graduated from Edinburgh University in 1995 and after a few years in mixed practice in the home counties in South Wales (he ran a branch surgery and did all the routine farm work - proper mixed practice), moving to Wright & Morten in 1999. He has been there ever since, becoming a partner then the managing partner, taking the team through acquisition where he became an equine CD. During this time he developed a clinical specialism around dentistry, completed a certificate in Equine Practice, became an Equine Dental Technician and oversaw the practice move into purpose-built new clinic.  

Jan Lievaart, Group Head of Farm and Equine said, “The growth rate of the equine side of the business has been astounding with over 50 sites including various equine hospitals and over 200 equine vets. I am excited to see what the future holds for our teams. Our strength is our vibrant, knowledgeable community. With Mark on board, his wealth of experience and knowledge will prove invaluable in helping guide the team.”

Mark is delighted to be joining the team. He said, "I became passionate about the people-side of Veterinary practice, and wanted to try and develop a non-clinical skillset around how we work together, deal with adversity and deal with the daily stress and drama of everyday life in practice, so I became interested in coaching as a way of helping our people improve their own performance. I'm very interested in coaching for well-being, mental fitness, the link between better business and happier people.

I hope the GVA role to be the link between practice and IVC Evidensia and to be a part of building a cohesive Team Equine. We have a lot to offer, some great practices, some inspirational clinicians, aspirational hospitals - I believe that IVC Evidensia Equine can offer a fulfilling career for anybody wanting to immerse themselves in equine practice, and I would like to be part of the team that delivers this."