IVC Evidensia Announce New Green Initiative

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Today IVC Evidensia announced their latest initiative, in a joint project with MWI Animal Health, a long term strategic partner, to remove vans from the road every year by moving the majority of all their practices in Great Britain to two wholesale deliveries a week instead of daily deliveries. They anticipate this move will remove 1 million vehicle miles and reduce the group's carbon footprint by 319 tonnes of CO2e per year.

“The scheme is already well underway after a successful pilot phase, designed in collaboration with MWI. We have now gone live with over 350 sites and hope to be fully rolled out by the end of July 2021,” comments John Dinsdale, Chief Veterinary Advisor. He adds, “A BVA survey recently showed that 89% of vets would like to play a more active role in UK’s sustainability agenda, so it’s nice to know we are clearly matching their aspirations.”

Paul Cowling, CEO UK and Ireland, said, ‘At IVC Evidensia, our purpose is simple, to look after animals, their owners and our staff. It is not possible to care for animals or people without caring about the environment in which we all live. We have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint where we can and create efficiency whilst maintaining the highest clinical standards and client service.’ Mr Cowling continued, ‘As an organisation, we must challenge ourselves to make changes for the better, using technology and learnings from other markets to lead the way for the veterinary sector in Great Brittain. Whilst operationally we know this will present us with challenges, we have a great network of clinics and teams who will support us in this endeavour.

‘We would like to thank MWI Animal Health, who has worked in partnership with us to deliver our latest efficiency and environmental strategy, whilst providing the security that next day deliveries will still be available for emergencies.’

David Tinsley, Managing Director MWI Animal Health, said, ‘We are delighted to work with IVC Evidensia to achieve a shared goal of increasing our environmental sustainability efforts. By implementing this new process, we will help reduce our carbon footprint while also ensuring our customers receive the orders they need when they need them. At MWI, we pride ourselves on working in collaboration with all our customers and are excited to support IVC Evidensia in achieving their green ambition today and continuing that relationship into the future.