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Becoming Climate Positive

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It started as a conversation with a burger chain. But despite the fact that Evidensia and Max Burgers are very different from each other, it was soon realised that a common goal is shared - becoming climate-positive.


Evidensia’s business is growing with more and more units, employees, patients and animal owners. Like all companies, we make climate footprints, some probably completely unconscious. Therefore, we not only work to provide the best animal health services, but also want to do good for the environment.

The background to the decision

But what can we do to really make a change? Well, we started listening and talking to MAX in their capacity as climate-positive pioneers. Quite quickly, we understood that it is not enough to be climate neutral and reduce emissions. It requires more active efforts such as emptying the atmosphere of the carbon dioxide we have already released in order to be climate positive. The knowledge we took from MAX did not deter us – quite the contrary. Instead, we were so inspired that we decided to start a study and climate analysis immediately.
We know that there is much we need to relate to and change but we have strong support. Everyone who is part of Evidensia agrees it is a matter of course.

“A few years ago we talked about the coming environmental threat, only to quickly realize that it was already knocking on the door and wanted to enter. Everyone who has children can relate to concerns about how their future will be,” says Johan. “And since we operate in the industry of providing healthcare,  of course climate change affects many animals with extinction as a result.” – Johan Wiklund, Evidensia Djursjukvård CEO

“The climate needs to be stabilized. In 2015, the countries of the world agreed that the global temperature rise should stay below two degrees until 2100. More and more voices are being heard that it is already too late to reach this goal as the reductions in emissions are too slow. On our way to becoming a climate positive company, we do not want to listen to that ear. Instead, we want to focus on doing what we can do and believing that the solution exists. Don’t just talk, don’t say it’s not going, don’t think the race is running,” says Johan emphatically.

Support by MAX

However, as it feels good to take on the knowledge MAX possesses, we also value their encouragement.

“Few companies dare to take substantial steps to help solve the climate issue. Evidensia can now become the world’s first climate-positive healthcare company. If you succeed, you prove that no company is too small, too unknown or too unexpected to show leadership in the climate issue,” says Kaj Török, Head of Sustainability and Information at MAX.

“If we become climate positive, we will become part of clipop.org where climate-positive companies are listed. So far the clipop consists of MAX and Mevo, a New Zealand company. Evidensia’s ambition is not to be number three. We also want to inspire others to take action and join in making a difference by becoming climate-positive,” adds Johan.

Original article: www.evidensia.se/evidensia-blir-klimatpositiva

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