Antibiotic Amnesty 2022

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Working together with a number of UK veterinary companies on a One-Health initiative, IVC Evidensia is promoting the need for safe disposal of antibiotics.

During November and overlapping with World Antibiotics Awareness Week (18-24 November), IVC Evidensia clinics in the UK are reaching out to clients and encouraging them to return any unused antibiotics to their clinic for safe, environmentally friendly disposal. 

Antibiotics can pollute our water and are harmful to the environment. They should not be disposed of down the sink, flushed down the toilet or discarded in the bin. 

Polluting the environment with unused antibiotics leads to increased bacteria in our water and increased resistance to them, which is ultimately harmful to both people and animals. 

All animal owners can take part in the 2022 Antibiotic Amnesty by following two easy steps: 

  • Simply bringing any unused antibiotics or antibiotic-containing product to local veterinary clinics where they will be safely disposed of in an environmentally friendly way 

  • Optionally completing a short survey, anonymously if preferred, to help us find out more how people currently dispose of antibiotics 

In line with IVC Evidensia’s Positive Pawprint sustainability strategy, we can together reduce the impact of antibiotics on the environment!