IVC Evidensia referral network

The IVC Evidensia referral network ensures that local teams are empowered to provide exceptional veterinary care by offering all our patients the right care at the right time, delivered by the right team. 

The IVC Evidensia Referral Guide promotes and supports the delivery of referral and specialist care to our patients. In a fast-growing business our referral network ensures that people, technology and training work harmoniously to offer pet owners access to the best care available. By connecting vets with colleagues, we also ultimately connect owners with the teams that have advanced expertise and facilities to help their pets.

The referral network reflects the day-to-day requirements of working professionals with the overall aim being to facilitate consistently great animal care while developing strong relationships with owners and referring vets. Search or filter to find our referral services, where our growing network of practices and clinicians support referring vets and their clients to achieve the best outcomes: for our professionals, our clients and, of course, the pets and animals who are at the heart of everything we do.”

By increasingly engaging and utilising the expertise and insights of colleagues across Europe we provide a referral network within veterinary care.

We call this Exceptional Veterinary Care.  


Looking to make a referral?

Are you a veterinarian needing to make a referral to a veterinary clinic or animal hospital? Use our referral search portal to find a clinic near you that can provide for the care you need help with.

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