VetOne Joins IVC Evidensia

Thursday, October 28, 2021

VetOne, one of France's largest networks of veterinary hospitals, has joined IVC Evidensia.

Expanding the IVC Evidensia network across France to 155 veterinary clinics and hospitals, the joining of VetOne with IVC Evidensia heralds a new and exciting time for veterinary care in the region.

Employing over 1,500 professionals reinforced by a support team of over 80 colleagues, the value of sharing knowledge, continuous training and discovering better ways of working is stronger than ever.

As always, the shared ambition to contribute to the ongoing improvement of delivering highest quality veterinary care at a local level remains at the core of prioritising animal health and welfare.

"We are delighted today to join IVC Evidensia to, together, create the champion of quality veterinary care in France," commented Steve Rosengarten, President of VetOne.

Patrick Govart, Managing Director of IVC Evidensia France added, "As part of our development in France, this combination seemed obvious to us as we share with VetOne a common vision of the practice of the veterinary profession, customer relations and team development."