Uppsala Veterinary Clinic: Enhancing Lives of Pets, Owners, and Veterinarians in one of Sweden's largest cities

Friday, December 1, 2023

IVC Evidensia proudly announces the opening of our newest state-of-the-art clinic - enhancing veterinary care in the local area and providing advanced training opportunities to veterinarians and vet nurses across Sweden.

At IVC Evidensia, we’re continually investing in clinical skills, and new clinics and hospitals, to improve quality of care for our patients and to keep our vets and vet nurses at the forefront of the fast-evolving world of veterinary care.

Our recently opened, brand-new Clinic in Uppsala, Sweden, is just one example of how we’re investing to stay at the forefront of the veterinary industry.

Spanning around 1,600 square meters, with a dedicated training facility and a team with a wide spread of veterinary specialisms, Uppsala Veterinary Clinic is already improving the lives of veterinarians, pets and pet owners alike in Sweden's fourth largest city. 

Training within our Uppsala Clinic will be delivered both in-person and virtually, cementing the Clinic as an industry-leading training facility throughout Sweden and beyond. The fact that training takes place in a working clinic also allows newly qualified vets and nurses with lots of opportunities for on-the-job training, setting them up for career success.

The team at our Uppsala Veterinary Clinic includes industry-leading veterinarians, skilled surgeons specialising in soft tissue and orthopaedics, imaging specialists, oncologists, dental veterinarians, and experts in exotics and small mammals. It provides both emergency and advanced specialist care, as well as routine healthcare, therefore helping to fulfil our purpose at IVC Evidensia of Healthy Animals, Happy Owners. 

For more information about Uppsala Veterinary Clinic, please visit: https://evidensia.se/klinik/uppsala-veterinarklinik/