Norway’s Largest Ophthalmology Department For Small Animals

Monday, October 19, 2020

On 1 November, Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital is opening Norway’s largest ophthalmology department. This will be the country’s largest community of experts in eye health for small animals. The hospital has been established since 1986 and became part of Evidensia in 2012.


The site is expanding its services and is establishing a unique medical and surgical ophthalmology department for small animals. With the latest in technology, equipment and advanced expertise, Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital offers a wide range of services in small animal health.

Open 24 hours per day, the hospital houses several of the country’s leading veterinarians on staff and is a referral hospital for most types of illnesses and injuries among small animals for the region. About 90 employees ensure that all patients always receive the best possible care.

Special expertise

The new ophthalmology department at Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital is linked to the country’s foremost specialists, two veterinarians of which hold the European accreditation of Diplomate of European College of Veterinary Ophthalmology, certified ECVO eyescheme examiners and trained anaesthesia technicians. The team at is among the best that can be found in the country with regard to ophthalmic health for small animals.

“We have a range of competent veterinarians with training that covers most expert fields. They ensure a solid veterinarian service in Oslo and surrounding areas”,  Monica Heggelund, veterinarian and medical director at Evidensia in Norway, states.

The specialists at the ophthalmology department at Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital:

Ernst Otto Ropstad has over 20 years of experience in ophthalmology. He has held central positions in the European ophthalmology specialisation system.

  • Ophthalmology diplomate (European specialist in veterinary ophthalmology)
  • Ophthalmology-related doctorate at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
  • Certified ECVO eye scheme examiner

Katarina Storli has over the past 25 years completed countless training courses with an emphasis on internal medicine, ultrasound, cardiology and ophthalmology.

  • Certified ECVO eye scheme examiner
  • Norwegian specialist in diseases of dogs and cats
  • Master of Companion Clinical Science, Cardiology

Tobias Revold comes from the position of university lecturer at the Institute of sports- and family animal medicine at the NMBU Veterinary School.

  • Ophthalmology diplomate (European specialist in veterinary ophthalmology)
  • Certified ECVO eye scheme examiner
  • PhD in muscle physiology

Siv Grosås has worked at Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital for several years and is currently completing her specialisation as a European specialist in veterinary ophthalmology. Her background is very extensive:

  • Resident (“Specialist Candidate”) of veterinary ophthalmology
  • Certified ECVO eye scheme examiner
  • Norwegian specialist in diseases of dogs and cats

Ophthalmology department

Ever since the hospital opened in 1986, it has featured high expertise in eye-related illnesses in animals. Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital continues this long tradition with highly qualified employees at every stage, and the team is assembled to give the greatest possible service. Veterinarians and specialists operate the newest specialist equipment available on the market with vast experience.

– This is an invaluable examination and treatment service for companion animals. Although all veterinarians have a wide knowledge in the field, there will often be situations that demand greater expertise. This expertise can be found with us, says Monica Heggelund

Important investment

The Country Manager for Evidensia in Norway, Cecilie Ryan Yttreeide, is proud of the fact that Evidensia Oslo Animal Hospital is opening a brand-new ophthalmology department. This is a much-needed expert veterinarian service.

– Some of the most important things for us at Evidensia is expert development and the exchange of experience and expertise, says the Country Manager. The new ophthalmology department is a solid proof of our ambitions in the veterinary field in Norway.

Facts about Evidensia Dyrehelse Norway

  • Over 300 employees at Evidensia in Norway divided across 21 animal clinics and animal hospitals from Søgne to Tromsø

For more information, contact:

Veterinarian and medical director Evidensia Dyrehelse Norway

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