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IVC Evidensia

IVC Nurses Sweep Up At Hill’s Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Every year, Hill’s Pet Nutrition present awards to veterinary nurses and clinics for their support of weight management and senior pets. This year, we are thrilled to announce that two of the winners were members of the IVC family.

Presented at the 2018 BVNA awards, the winners were:

Allison Hodgson from White Cross Vets, Redcar, who took home the Managing Weight with Excellence award.

Becky Smith from Wilton House, Guisborough, who picked up Senior Support Nurse of the Year.

“I was shocked but proud to win,” says Allison Hodgson. The Managing Weight award – which accounted for a fair share of the hundred overall entries from nurses and practices across the UK – recognises a special commitment made by staff to the weight-loss of multiple pets. “I’ve been an RVN for 25 years and have always been enthusiastic about pets’ weight and how it can affect their health. Winning this award has only fuelled my passion to help pets lose weight and live a longer and happier life with their owners.”

A new category for 2018, Support Nurse of the Year recognises significant contributions made by nurses to the care of senior pets. As the very first winner of this award, Becky says:

“I was delighted to win – even though it was very unexpected. I’ve been successfully running weight, diabetic and senior clinics for many years and recently set up mobility clinics that seem very popular.

“To be recognised for this aspect of my role is greatly appreciated; it encourages me to continue improving the care on offer for senior patients. I feel lucky to have support of my practice, IVC and our Hill’s representative, Leigh – all of whom encouraged me to enter this competition.”

The 2019 awards are now open for entry. Alongside the two categories mentioned here, they also present an award for Pet Slimmer of the Year. With over £2,400 of prizes and an invite to next year’s BVNA awards on offer for the finalists, entering could be well worth it. Closing date for entries is 6th September 2019 and you can find the full details here.

Congratulations once again to Allison and Becky!