IVC Evidensia Welcomes One Of Europe’s Largest Vet Hospitals

Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Tierklinik Hofheim animal hospital in Germany, one of Europe’s largest, has officially joined IVC Evidensia.

The Tierklinik Hofheim animal hospital in Germany, one of Europe’s largest, has officially joined IVC Evidensia.

Tierklinik Hofheim is a renowned referral clinic with over 100 vets and around 300 employees in total, including veterinary nurses and support staff. The clinic specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical issues, and covers a myriad of disciplines, from imaging diagnostics, internal medicine and intensive care medicine, to neurology, dentistry and breeding studies, amongst many, many others. The hospital is also home to the legendary Hofheim Veterinarian Days, advanced training days famous in our profession across Germany and beyond.

"We’re thrilled to welcome Tierklinik Hofheim and its highly qualified team to our Group," says Heiner Langbehn, co-Managing Director of IVC Evidensia in Germany. "Referrers and pet owners will continue to experience the usual high-quality care from the same team. With IVC Evidensia’s support, the veterinary clinic will continue to expand to help guarantee the best possible ongoing veterinary care.”

Tierklinik Hofheim was founded in 1997 by Dr Martin Kessler, Dr Hans Ulrich Kosfeld and Dr Markus Tassani-Prell. The hospital’s management was updated in 2004 with Dr Kai Bessmann and in 2006 by Dr. Stefan Rupp joining the team. Furthermore in 2013, Dr Gernot Delfs and Dr Michael Schmohl joined along with Dr Thilo von Klopmann in 2016. In 2021, Dr Miriam Scheich became the first female member of the management team, which currently consists of eight members.


Dr Martin Kessler describes his thoughts and the process of joining IVC Evidensia

"With the upcoming generational change at the Tierklinik Hofheim, it was necessary to select suitable successors, develop them, introduce them to the task of managing a large clinic and finally integrate them into the team of hospital managers," explains Dr. Martin Kessler during the process that led to joining IVC Evidensia.

“The major challenges for the veterinary profession are increasing demand and patient numbers, hospital deaths and a shortage of skilled workers. For these challenges, a hospital needs harmonious and strategically co-ordinated management along with technically energetic, but above all humanely competent and visionary "newcomers".

There is no alternative to separating hospital management and financing the investments if you want to make the management of a hospital solely dependent on professional and human competence and detached from your personal financial background.”

The process from the first consideration through to joining IVC Evidensia took over two years, as Dr Kessler continued, "The result of our thoughtful journey to joining IVC Evidensia feels very good to me today and has already proven itself in the first "brainstorming sessions" and plans for the future together. I am looking forward to designing a 'Tierklinik Hofheim 2.0' with a strong partner at our side in IVC Evidensia.”

Detailed statements from Dr Martin Kessler, Dr Miriam Scheich and Dr Thilo von Klopmann can be found on our DACH website.

With a common and shared commitment to providing outstanding care, we warmly welcome the Tierklinik Hofheim team to our Group.