IVC Evidensia – A Company Without Borders

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Showcasing the flexibility and opportunities that only a truly international employer can provide, veterinarian nurse Jenny Tourunen has transitioned from living and working in Finland to Germany while continuing her career within IVC Evidensia.

How did the change come about and what are your first impressions?

  • Due to personal reasons, I wanted to move from Finland to Germany. I like it very much in Norderstedt. I love my surgical team and I want to stay here for a long time. At the moment I am learning German but the language is not easy. My colleagues support me and teach me many important terms, which helps me a lot.

Are there significant differences between working in Finland and Germany?

  • The work is the same. In Norderstedt, we are very busy every day. The doctors here are excellent and very specialised. That’s why we do operations that I don’t think anyone in Finland does in this form. In Finland, we were always very busy too so it is nice to maintain a busy schedule and treating as many pets as possible.

Another difference is that in Finland some vets work at several locations regularly. Nurses, on the other hand, usually work permanently at one clinic.

What can IVC Evidensia do to support staff when they want to work internationally?

  • I have found the international network within IVC Evidensia very helpful and IVC Evidensia are continuing to develop a stronger internal exchange programme which will make the process even easier than my own.

IVC Evidensia recognise the importance of networking and workplace learning within the veterinary sector. We provide unique access to a variety of professional cultures and learning opportunities in a number of general practice and specialist environments across the European footprint. We actively encourage workplace exchange believing that we should provide our teams with a fulfilling and enriched career.