Empowering Tomorrow’s Vets With £250k Boost To EMS Bursaries In 2023

Friday, February 17, 2023

IVC Evidensia has pledged that £250,000 will go directly into its EMS (Extra-Mural Studies) Bursary Programme for 2023, ensuring that one of the leading veterinary groups continues to support the vets of tomorrow.

This commitment will not only support students in their clinical development while on placement in practices all over the UK, but also help remove financial barriers that may prevent them following their dreams and gaining the experience that they desire.

The bursaries will be released in three stages during 2023: the first in mid-February, the second at the end of April and the third at the end of June. This will allow for multiple application deadlines and ensure veterinary students have every opportunity to apply.

Edward Davies, Chair of the UK Small Animal Clinical Board and Clinical Director of Cheshire Pet, commented:  “EMS is such an exciting part of veterinary education and experience. I remember the excitement of starting to see practice – real veterinary work – it was such a thrill to see people doing the things I aspired to do myself. 

“However, it has become abundantly clear how much has changed and how the huge financial pressures on veterinary students can make this time a concern, as travel and accommodation costs, amongst other things, are considered. 

“This worry is such a pity if it starts to cause a shadow over such a rewarding networking opportunity. The offer of this bursary is such a wonderful way to offer a bit of help to these aspiring vets of the future.” 

An investment in the future of veterinary

IVC Evidensia is committed to empowering veterinary students to reach their potential. The allocation of £250,000 for the EMS Bursary Programme is just the first step in making it easier for veterinary students to pursue their dreams in 2023.

Ultimately, the aim is to support students in finding a practice where they can build a veterinary career, without them being impacted by financial constraints in the process. 

This is especially important during the current cost of living crisis, which threatens to throw up more obstacles that students face in their pursuit of breaking into the industry.

Gayle Hallowell, Director of Veterinary Professional Development at IVC Evidensia, commented:“In the current economic climate, it is fantastic that we can provide financial support to students, removing financial barriers such as travel and accommodation that can often be costly for students when they are looking for the right practice for them.

“As we have a range of practices all over the UK and overseas, there should be one that will suit the aspirations of the individual student. Whether they want to pursue a career in small animal, equine, farm, exotics, or at a referrals or GP practice, students should be given the opportunity to pursue their careers unimpeded and gain valuable clinical experience along the way. We know that many students form strong relationships with practices that they undertake EMS at, and this gives them the chance to decide if that is the place to take that important first job.”

By making these EMS bursaries widely available, IVC Evidensia wants to encourage students to build a solid foundation of knowledge at the right practice for them, that will contribute towards long, successful veterinary careers.

Having more choices and opportunities while studying will allow students to explore all aspects of the veterinary profession and to discover what speaks to them and their long-term career goals. 

How to apply for EMS bursaries

Applications will be open to all veterinary students undertaking clinical EMS, from third to final year, in an IVC Evidensia practice that is either already arranged or to be confirmed. Those demonstrating financial hardship will be prioritised for these bursaries.

Successful applicants will be able to choose more freely from practices across the UK and Northern Ireland, and as many students go on to work at practices they have visited for EMS, this funding is intended to broaden students' options for the future.

The bursaries are open to all veterinary students across IVC Evidensia clinical disciplines including daytime practice, Referrals, Equine and Farm. 

Owain Jenkins, Chair of the Farm Animal Clinical Board and Clinical Director for Delaware Veterinary Group, commented: “This is a fantastic initiative that aims to reduce the financial burden that EMS brings. This will allow students to see some of the fantastic practices IVC have up and down the country. 

“The opportunity will allow students to do EMS in Farm and Mixed Practices the Highlands of Scotland, West Wales, and Northern Ireland to name a few. This bursary will help students 'see practice' in spectacular parts of the country and broaden the availability of clinical EMS. Many of our vets employed over the years have done EMS at our practice and finding the right practice is an excellent springboard to start a veterinary career.”

For more information, visit the IVC Evidensia Graduate Academy.