A Joint Veterinary Perspective

IVC Evidensia’s veterinary medical board meets with the heads of clinical boards and medical directors from other countries to discuss and agree on quality systems, ethical and clinical policies.


The Group Veterinary Medical Board supports the company in regard to evidence-based care, quality assurance and medical strategies. It provides IVC Evidensia with a forum to discuss, advise and decide on clinical matters related to the group as a whole.

All countries within IVC Evidensia are represented in the Group Veterinary Board by either a Country Medical Director or a chairman of the countries’ local clinical board. The chairperson of the board assures that Group Veterinary Medical Board’s clinical perspective is always considered and reflected in group decisions and strategy.

These topics could typically relate to areas such as guiding the group on matters of ethics or professional standards, making recommendations on laboratory quality, education, hygiene, anti-microbial resistance or professional conduct, as well as communication and marketing at group level.

The board was initially founded in the Nordics 2012 and has grown together with the group’s European extension. Group Veterinary Medical Board is not to replace work at country level, nor the national Clinical Boards where we provide advice and guidance on clinical matters relating to the country in question. 

Contact details for the Group Veterinary Medical Board: GVMB@evidensia.se

Clinical Excellence – our raison d’etre

Our clinical boards at country and international level provide help and guidance to ensure that clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do.
Country Medical Directors and Group vet functions, including the Veterinary Advisors and Operations staff, support local teams both clinically and commercially and through our group forums, we provide a community to share and discuss best practice amongst like-minded colleagues.

Country Representatives


Marlene Areskog

DVM, PhD, Country Medical Director Sweden and GVMB chair
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Alistair Cliff

BVM & S CertAVP MRCVS, Clinical Board UK
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Monica Heggelund

DVM, Country Medical Director, Norway
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Mirja Kaimio

DVM, National Specialist, Clinical Board Finland
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Edward Davies

BVSc MRCVS, Chairman Clinical Board UK
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Anette Spohr

DVM PhD, Country Medical Director Denmark
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Robert Höpfner

DVM, DIPL. ECVEM-CA, Clinical Board, Germany
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Reto Neiger

DECVIM-CA, DACVIM, PhD, Country medical director DACH
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Group Veterinarians


Anna-Maria Andersson

DVM, PhD, Group Hygiene Director
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Mark O'Byrne

Group Head of Nutrition

Amanda Boag

Group Referral Director

Group Heads


David Hillier


Russell Trenter

Group Chief Operating Officer

Catharina Burch

Head of Communications